The Lincoln Record Show

EARLY-BIRD ATTENDANCE & TABLE RESERVATIONS for the Lincoln Record Show are now available! The Roasting Space and Chez Sodo are excited to host the Lincoln Record Show on March 23rd, 9am-3pm!!   All are welcome to attend.  Vinyl, Tapes, CDs, and music memorabilia are welcome.  Food and beverages will be available for sale at the event.

What is Your Cost?

After years of calculating the cost of production, I have learned that all factors have a recognizable impact on the final price paid for your coffee, and to dramatically different degrees.  Are you paying too much for shipping your green coffee? Are your retail bags displaying your coffee in a way that engages your customers? … Continue reading What is Your Cost?


Help Karynn raise some funds for competition coffee! “My name is Karynn Brown and I'm a twenty year old barista living in Lincoln, Nebraska. I've been a barista for two years now and am thrilled to be participating in my first large-scale barista competition. I'll be competing in the Specialty Coffee Association's regional competition, … Continue reading CoffeeChamps

Handmade Coffee Co.

The Roasting Space at Chez Sodo now offers roasted coffee selections available for retail! Stop by during open hours between 10am-3pm. Highlighting this week's selection is Handmade Coffee Co., roasted at the space by Kara.   Additional coffee selections are available this week, including Post.  If you are unable to make it down during business … Continue reading Handmade Coffee Co.