Handmade Coffee Co. will be roasting coffee for the Lincoln High School Music Fundraiser in the coming weeks! One of the newest specialty coffee micro-roasters in Lincoln, Nebraska, Handmade Coffee Co., is owned by Kara Ficke, and the Roasting Space facility is managed by me (Jon Ferguson). And it just so happens that both of us are parents of students at Lincoln High School! GO LINKS!

Not only is this a fundraiser to help my daughter Yanori Ferguson (specifically with sales generated on this site) help fund expenses such as fees like indoor percussion, band trips, and other events, but not only this, you will be introduced to a new coffee experience that is great! If you don’t know which one she is in the photo, she’s holding the bass drum far left hand corner. Interested in helping the other music students? Let me know and I can send you the band director’s information for further donations to the music program at Lincoln High.

Lincoln High School Coffee Fundraiser options

12 oz bag of your choice: medium roast, dark roast, or decaf (whole bean or ground)


I can only accept VENMO or PayPal (joneferguson@yahoo.com) payments at this time.

VENMO $15 – If you live in Lincoln for (1) 12oz bag (I can deliver to your door personally, or choose to pick up at The Roasting Space (pick up times to be determined).

VENMO $23 – If you live outside of Lincoln, Nebraska for (1) 12oz bag (total includes shipping)

Do you want multiple bags? No problem! For purchases within the city limits of Lincoln, Nebraska, multiply $15 x number of bags you would like to order = amount due.

For shipping, it’s your lucky day! Simply add $8 + number of bags x $15 = your final amount (up to 10 bags, sorry we have a limit!).

(2) bags with shipping total $38.00

(3) bags with shipping total $53.00

(4) bags with shipping total $68.00 (and so on….)