The World of Ratios: Coffee to Water

If you haven't noticed yet, your standard coffee pot at home has a bunch of irrelevant numbers on the side of the glass carafe, claiming they represent "cups" of coffee in which the vessel holds.  With a quick Google search, you will find a wide variety of equations to help you figure out which measuring system … Continue reading The World of Ratios: Coffee to Water

Apples to Apples

Inspired to dive deeper into the price of coffee, I have broken down only a section of the cost of coffee which I feel is often overlooked and misunderstood.  The document below shows the costs between FOB (free on board) and the arrival of green coffee to the buyer's roasting facility.  FOB is the price … Continue reading Apples to Apples

Ready to Roast

Are you looking to try some new locally-roasted coffee?  If you own a cafe or work in an office where you're ready to try something new to serve and experience, The Roasting Space has a group of individuals ready to take on more roasting! The Roasting Space offers the highest quality green coffee selections on … Continue reading Ready to Roast


Help Karynn raise some funds for competition coffee! “My name is Karynn Brown and I'm a twenty year old barista living in Lincoln, Nebraska. I've been a barista for two years now and am thrilled to be participating in my first large-scale barista competition. I'll be competing in the Specialty Coffee Association's regional competition, … Continue reading CoffeeChamps

Handmade Coffee Co.

The Roasting Space at Chez Sodo now offers roasted coffee selections available for retail! Stop by during open hours between 10am-3pm. Highlighting this week's selection is Handmade Coffee Co., roasted at the space by Kara.   Additional coffee selections are available this week, including Post.  If you are unable to make it down during business … Continue reading Handmade Coffee Co.