Roasting Space

The Chez Sodo shared coffee roasting space in Lincoln, Nebraska is open for reserving time for coffee roasting production, in addition to attending classes about coffee roasting, green coffee purchasing, and beverage preparation.

The space serves as a launching pad to the world of coffee roasting at a pace and price catering to those wanting to roast their own coffee, learn more about the craft of roasting and preparation of coffee, or simply to enjoy a unique experience with a friend.

One of the most intriguing and unique opportunities is the available showcasing of retail shelf space and presentation for all who would like to sell their roasted coffee on-sight at Chez Sodo.  Participating roasters have the opportunity to regularly submit their roasts to the cupping table for weekly highlighted selections, where our coffee tasting volunteers (consisting of all levels of coffee-tasting backgrounds) select the most preferred coffee roasted each week, giving recognition to the roaster who crafted the selected batch.

The intention is to  help launch local roasters who have put their time and energy into roasting in their favorite coffees, and also help immediately offer their coffee to the community as the favorite roaster of the week.

Green Coffee 

Additionally, coffee roasters will be able to come together on a regular basis and taste roasted coffee samples and decide which green coffee samples they may want to order, gaining purchasing power through volume buys.  Buying just one full bag of raw green coffee can cost around $500, which is a lot of capital to invest for most micro-roasters. Currently there are several vendors who offer to sell split bags or smaller quantities, but typically at an extra cost.  With the power of cupping and selecting coffee lots together, we will be able to buy coffees at a more competitive rate.

Coffee Community

As apart of this community roasting space, we will be able to collaborate on coffee ideas, such as roast levels, tasting notes, and also establish a green coffee buying group for those who utilize the space. Everyone has their own taste and interpretation, and together we can share our experiences, while having some fun with our differences.

Booking Space & Classes

Book your time for coffee roasting classes, production roasting, and other coffee related events! For more information, please contact us below;