Help Karynn raise some funds for competition coffee! 384B366B-19A0-4C1E-9A0D-3EA65FB79E39.jpeg

“My name is Karynn Brown and I’m a twenty year old barista living in Lincoln, Nebraska.
I’ve been a barista for two years now and am thrilled to be participating in my first large-scale barista competition. I’ll be competing in the Specialty Coffee Association’s regional competition, CoffeeChamps.

CoffeeChamps is a service-style competition where participants are judged on their skills, technique, and communication of their choice of a specialty coffee.  Competitors serve four judges an espresso and signature beverage in ten minutes while discussing the story, flavor, and attributes of a coffee.

This competition is a precursor to the United States Barista Competition (USBC) and the World Barista Competition (WBC). I’m honored and excited to help represent the still-small specialty coffee world of Nebraska

I’m asking for donations to help discover my perfect coffee, and to craft my competition speech.

Through the process of CoffeeChamps and the support of Lincoln’s new coffee-roasting endevour, The Roasting Space, I’m learning to roast coffee for the first time.

Roasting is a delicate and scientific art, and one I’ve instantly fallen in love with. My goal with these donations is to be able to purchase two or thee of Royal Coffee’s Crown Jewel boxes. These are 22-lb boxes of high-quality green coffee intended for specialty roasts. With these boxes, I plan to formulate and roast an espresso blend that speaks to the science and art of making coffee, the passion I have for this industry, and the challenge of stepping onto a stage.

Each of Royal’s Crown Jewels cost between 140-190$ for the 22lbs. I’m asking for donations for this project because without your help, I won’t be able to afford the coffee I need to properly participate in this competition. Additionally, I’ll use these donations to purchase equipment and wares (scales, tampers, steam pitches, cups) that are necessary to compete with. All of these costs add up quickly  and any help you can give towards my dream is greatly appreciated.

Thank you! Let’s talk coffee!