Ready to Roast

Are you looking to try some new locally-roasted coffee?  If you own a cafe or work in an office where you’re ready to try something new to serve and experience, The Roasting Space has a group of individuals ready to take on more roasting!

The Roasting Space offers the highest quality green coffee selections on the market, and will continue to grow their offerings as offices, cafes and individuals give Roasting Space roasters a try.

The way we select coffees are very similar to the concept of “catch of the day”.  The selections are very seasonal, extremely limited, and always fantastic, but don’t expect to be able to re-order the exact same coffee. Don’t worry, we’ll have something similar to match, or further impress, always.

Are you interested in learning how to roast?  New roasters are always welcome to join in, and will be coached through the roasting process and procedures by Jon Ferguson, the co-roasting space manager, to ensure every batch prepared is hitting quality standard expectations for their customers.

Give us a call (402) 817-9991