Zabuni Coffee – Grand Island

The amount farmers and coffee workers receive for harvesting coffee is very low. It is a condition that has become normalized as a sad reality in the world, yet far too few of us take the necessary actions to seek change for rebuilding this system to improve trade and inequity.

To help break the mold of acceptance to this norm, Laban Njuguna, the founder of Zabuni Specialty Coffee Auction based in Grand Island, Nebraska, has structured his efforts to build a green coffee trading platform that funnels a very large percentage of the final price of coffee sold directly back to the farmer. Laban has worked with the Kenyan government and has hosted officials in Nebraska to work on launching the business. Laban visited The Roasting Space in early 2019 and has remained in touch with Mosaic Coffee and other roasters at the space. This month, we have purchased our first bag of Kenya coffee from his operations. It is fantastic. Limited quantities are available, but I am sure there will be more lots in the near future.