Changing Spaces

The Roasting Space has been adopted by Mo Java Cafe in Lincoln, Nebraska. We are all very excited for this collaborative effort which has been offered by the owner of one of the most established coffee roasting companies in Nebraska. The owner of Mo Java, Paul, and myself, Jon, the original organizer of the Roasting Space, see this venture as a way to build a stronger coffee community supporting the growth of independent nano-micro roasters through providing equipment and retail space for production This is mostly a collaboration of ideas, since there is no infusion of capital investment, equipment, or labor, but rather a shift in retail location and opportunities for the roasters that are involved.

I am selling most of the equipment that was used at the Roasting Space, and Mo Java will generate the costs and revenues which come from this collaboration. If you need a roaster, give me a call. I also have: espresso machines, grinders, 3 part sink, under counter cooler, grab and go pastry case, coffee grinders, scales, cases of cold and hot paper cups, etc. you name it!!

Starting soon, you will be able to walk into Mo Java Cafe and see several locally roasted brands of coffee on the shelves for sale, including: Mosaic Coffee by Jon Ferguson, Handmade Coffee by Kara Ficke, and several more up and coming roasters! This is a new venture and a growing opportunity for those passionate folks and spirited entrepreneurs who want to build and create something fresh and exciting for you!

2020 High Altitude Ethiopia Selections Coming Soon!

Mosaic Coffee usually offers one coffee selection at a time, changing frequently depending on the availability of sourcing the best green coffee in the right quantities at the right time in order to maintain an amazing tasting experience. 

But, with all the extraordinary 2020 high-altitude 2020 fresh crop Ethiopia selections arriving in late July, Mosaic will be offering both a natural and washed selection for the next month

It’s an exciting time of the year to experience and explore the continued growth of coffee quality that has led the world in unique, ripe, and lush blueberry and rich bouquet of fruits and a sweet syrupy body. 

Mosaic Coffee is starting off with a very special natural processed selection from the Hambela Coffee Estate in the southern Guji Zone of the Oromia Region in Ethiopia. The compliment to a natural processing would be a washed selection from the southern regions of Ethiopia! If you pre-order two bags, or begin ordering after July 29th, you will receive one of each, both as a way to explore the different experiences Ethiopia, the motherland of coffee, has to offer to the world. 

I am taking pre-orders starting today. The coffee may not be delivered prior to July 29th. The coffee is still at port, ready to be shipped to the Roasting Space this week. I have no other coffee available at this time. Pre-order today, and it will be delivered or shipped to you as soon as it is available.