Coffee classes are a great way to learn something fun about an industry that is extremely complex, flavorful, and interesting! Once you take these classes, you’ll gain an appreciation for the farmers, roasters, and baristas who make it all happen!

Classes Include:

Seed to Cup: The lifecycle of Coffee:  This class will showcase a presentation covering the entire coffee supply chain from seed to cup, ending with a cupping session of a variety of coffees from around the world, with different roast levels. This is a great opportunity to discover a wider selection of coffees you may (or may not) prefer. (1 hour $35)

Intro to Coffee Roasting:  This is a basic introduction to the world of coffee roasting. Groups of up to 6 people are welcome to attend this session. Expectations for this class will simply be a guided tour through the world of roasting coffee. Each attendee will receive a sample bag of the coffee roasted during the hour session. (1 hour $50)


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